• When beginning to pack your items have all your packing supplies readily available; boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, tape, covers, etc…

  • Clearly label the boxes with its contents. It helps to put the label on more than one side so it is easy to identify.

  • It also helps to label what room or section the box will be moved to or even using different color labels for each area.

  • Do not pack more than you can lift.

  • Fill empty spaces in boxes with newspapers for added stability for stacking.

  • Disassemble larger pieces such as bed frames and tables. Wrap frames and legs together and store screws, nuts and bolts in plastic baggies.

  • Wrap breakables individually, carefully and thoroughly.

  • Use items such as refrigerators and stoves to store smaller items such as pots, pans, other appliances. Prop doors open for ventilation.

  • Place larger or heavier items on bottom and stack lighter items on top.

  • Store furniture on boards or pallets to keep off ground.

  • Clean items that they are free of food or other perishables.

  • Cover mattresses and store them flat and on level surfaces.

  • Drain any equipment of fluids to prevent corrosion.

  • Place more frequently accessed items towards the front of storage unit.

  • Place less frequently accessed items towards the back of storage unit.

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